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Amberlee Picture

Name: Amberlee

Nickname(s): Amber, Amverlee

Name of guild and clan (if applicable): Glade

Title(s) Held: Princess

Date of Birth: unknown

Class: Lots!

Alignment: Chaotic Good (i think)

Race or Species: Elven

True Form: Elven

Other Form(s): None

Eyes: Green

Hair: Blonde

Skin: Pale

What do you look like: Humanoid. Character picture at:

Describe your attitude: Friendly, excitable, and talkative. Sometimes too much. And as of late, a little snappish.

Biggest Character Flaw: Gets worried too fast, over-reacts.

Personal Quotes: "Life is now in session. There will be no reruns."

Parent(s): Unknown

Sibling(s): Lady Dur'avin, Alannah, Chromius, LadyDragonEyes, TheCheshireCat, Loriken, Leazell, gogo

Husband: N/A

Children: None

Guardians: Well, Khargos is my defense (But where is he lately? *sigh*)

Close Friends (in alphabetical order): Too many that I might offend by forgetting to name

Worst Enemie(s): Anyone who insults my friends.

Pet(s) and their names: None, yet.

Favorite Color(s): Pink (coz my cloud is pink)

Favorite Animal(s): cute red (or wite, hehe) kittens

Favorite Drink(s): Tea, lovely stuff that doesn't stink! (Unlike another certain beverage I can think of)

Favorite Food(s): Chicken Korma (thanks fea!)

Favorite Weapon(s): *pats her trusty black and orange spiked warhammer*

Favorite Belonging(s): My whistling teacup, and my slender silver flute

Favorite thing(s) to wear: sea slippers

Favorite Song(s): "Mary had a little snot.... little snot.."

Things you collect: Memories

Goddesses you worship: None

A Dream or Goal you have: To allow everyone to dream and just have fun

Hobbie(s): Writing down the daily accounts of the tavern, chatting with fellow tavern-goers

Favorite thing(s) to do: Have fun!

Something you're good at: Making people smile :)

Favorite Body parts on/in you: Umm...

Favorite Body Part on the opposite sex: Umm...

Any Tattoos or Birthmarks, Where and of what: None whatsoever

Any piercings, Where: One in each ear

Best place to hang out: Washere's Tavern!!

What do you sleep in, and where do you sleep: A suite upstairs :)

Important lesson(s) you've learned: Things aren't always as they seem.

Best Advice: Patience

Words and Phrases you over use: "I'm confuzzled."

Most Awesome experience of your life: Finding the realm of Dragon Court, but most importantly, the people in it

Scariest thing you've ever done: Almost been stabbed to death by Dark-Angel, after giving doppelganger a glare (really, that was all I did!)

Stupidest thing you ever heard someone say: "I didn't mean to slap you!"

Funniest Experience: When Lea and Lil and I used to have word-wars *smiles* Remember the "he" and "him" Lil?

History: Still growing...