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Name: Arafel

Nickname(s): ara

Name of guild and clan (if applicable): Atreides

Title(s) Held:

Date of Birth: unknown

Class: dark ice mage

Race or Species: Human

True Form: Human

Other Form(s): Pixie sized human

Eyes: True blue

Hair: A dark blond

Skin: Tanned

What do you look like: A slender man, normaly seen in robes.

Describe your attitude: nice, kind, helpful, all around a great guy (as described by his wife :)

Biggest Character Flaw: indecisive

Personal Quotes:

Parent(s): unknown

Sibling(s): none

Wife: The extremely good looking Psycho Pixie

Children: none

Close Friends: Too many to list

Worst Enemie(s): the one who is willing to lose his own life in trying to take mine

Pet(s) and their names: Pixie sized dog, Woof Woof shared with Psycho Pixie.

Favorite Color(s): a dark hue of blue

Favorite Animal(s): Dogs

Favorite Drink(s): Pixie Ale

Favorite Food(s): Rice

Favorite Weapon(s): dagger

Favorite Belonging(s): a gold ring of protection and ribon with a golden bell given to him by Psycho Pixie.

Favorite thing(s) to wear: robes

Favorite Song(s): the ones pixie sings :)

Things you collect: crystals and ice sculpures

Goddesses you worship: The Great Pixie Creator

A Dream or Goal you have: To be exepct among the rest of the Pixies.

Hobbie(s): tinkering and creating things out of ice

Favorite thing(s) to do: Spend time with Psycho Pixie

Something you're good at: magic

Favorite Body parts on/in you: face

Favorite Body Part on the opposite sex: Eyes

Any Tattoos or Birthmarks, Where and of what: A light spot on the lower right leg in the design of a snowflake.

Any piercings, Where: none

Deities you worship: The Messiah

Best place to hang out: Any quiet place

What do you sleep in, and where do you sleep: Sleep in PJ's and at home

Important lesson(s) you've learned: I think the Dosadi aphorism, "Where pain predominates, agony can be a valued teacher," says its best.

Best Advice: Don't seek love, seek friends and love may follow.

Words and Phrases you over use:

Most Awesome experience of your life: Getting married to Psycho Pixie

Scariest thing you've ever done: Fought a battle with a demon in several realms.

Stupidest thing you ever heard someone say: to many to think of one.

Funniest Experience: many, too many to narrow out one

History: in progress and coming soon.