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Dragon Court Clan Guide

Knight on Horse

This is a Clan Description Board for all the Clans, it is mainly intended for the smaller pageless clans that have nowhere to state their Clans description or purpose. But I would like to put all Clans on it.

This Guide was started by Dreadnaught the former leader and founder of the Hell Knight's. Since He has left I have taken over the Guide. I hope to be able to do as good of a job as Dread did.

Kralizec's suggestions for picking a clan:  First pick a reason you want to join a clan. Some clans offer money, a Clan ablity, some Clans have a good story or idea behind them, and those which offer help to members.

First look at this page run by Kralizec with a list of the clans who have sent a description in. After looking here you should check the links page on Dragon Court's site.  Here you can see a list of what clans have ablities and what clans have web pages.

Ask around on the forum.  See if someone from the Clan responds and what other people say. The last place to check is the complete clan listing on the Dragon Court site.  Pick wisely and make sure you spell it right.


Clan Atreides has been prominent for thousands of years and has a long tradition of being fair and just administrators. Their people are loyal, hard working and peaceful. Both intelligent and noble, the Atreides leaders have endeared themselves to their subjects. Unusual devotion to duty is a common feature among the Atreides soldiers. True to their nature, the Atreides have attempted to achieve their goals through diplomacy.

Clan Ability : Reflex - +30% combat speed

Go to Atreides Homepage

E-mail Kralizec

Black Knights

To be completed.

Clan Ability : Unaging - heros stop aging at 33


'Twas a time long ago that a group of warriors all strived to reach the fullest they could be. After much bickering and internal fighting over who was the best, a knight clad in dark armor and riding a black stallion arrived. Upon his breastplate was a star which glimmered whenever he moved. He spoke in a deep voice, 'I am Methuselah and I have come to lead you towards the greatness you all desire'. The warriors looked at each other and laughed!

They who had traveled around the world, defeating anything in their path, would they be made to follow someones orders so easily? Yet something in his eyes and the way the star on his breastplate seemed to pulsate made them wary of crossing him, and as he stared down everyone of them, the sun became suddenly dark. Faced with such a powerful sign, the warriors dared not oppose him, and such it was that they banned together.

A fortress was built for them to relax and have fun in, to tell their stories and brag about their accomplishments. A room inside the fortress was used for the warriors to leave the large amount of weapons and armor they discovered on their travels and for newly accepted members of the knighthood to browse through.

Whenever a problem or question arose, members or would be petitioners would seek the illustrious Methuselah for advice on what to do.

The warriors soon discovered that whenever they put on a new piece of armor, a star identical to the one on Methuselah's breastplate magically appeared. What was even more amazing was that the star seemed to ward of the hypnotizing attacks of magic users. The old competition was forgotten and effort instead directed at helping each other when the need arose, achieving status at the court and slaying more beasts than ever !

Clan Ability : Stubborn - +30% resisting Hypnotize

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Evil Uprising

Long ago Good and evil fought for this land. Great wars raged on for centuries. That time has not been forgotten. In a land of Villains and Heroes few stand a chance on their own. Let it be known that Evil now has a true banner to aid them in their quests. And all will tremble at it's name. These are the words spoken from the Evil Overlord himself.

Evil Uprising is an RP based clan that embraces the battle between good and evil. Those who are of Evil intent are welcome to join our banner in the struggle for dominance. Led by the infamous Sado Ishikawa this clan shall surely triumph over all. Let it's name strike fear into the hearts of all that is Good, and may Evil finally reign supreme.

Clan Ability : Quick - +1 quests per level

Clan Ability : Reflex - +30% combat speed

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We don't believe in Good. Or Evil. We see life as a game, it's about playing it fairly and beating the odds. We don't fight other clans, we work togeteher with them. Our aim is to add to the game environment with humor, friendship, flair and a taste of competition. For our own clan we offer veterans' advice, lotteries and a weekly chat hour. For all of you we have riddles and disguise competitions.

Mail Alkera for further information.

Clan Ability : Trader - +1 Trade Skill / 8 levels

Go to the Glade Homepage


The clan Gnoggs is an old one, about two years. It was originally created by Wallace, but leadership was passed on to Munkwunk as other-wordly realms took Wallace away.

From the beginning, the main purpose of the clan was to forge a sense of unity amongst it's members. The building of the town of Gnoggoshen, and many other events have seen to it that the unity is there, and strong as titanium.

Though many hardships have been seen throughout the Gnoggs' years in Dragon Court, they have always pulled through, and have always made the best of things.

Go to Gnoggs Web Page for further information.

Clan Ability : Stubborn - +30% resisting Hypnotize

Clan Ability : Quick, +1 quest per level

Hell Knights

Motto : That which does not kill us makes us stronger.....

Little is know about this group of powerful Warriors, rumour has it that they have come through the vortex, straight from Hell. Although they appear to be an evil Clan, they have many Allies and Friends. Their allignment is unknown, again they appear to be Chaotic, but their actions are those of a Good Lawful Clan and they are respected and trusted.

Clan Ability : Dragon - the dragon offers to trade

Clan Ability : Ranger - sometimes 'scouting' takes no quests

The Horde

Our Motto-"Not without honor"

In the Horde you must follow a strict rule of dicipline. I, the leader of the Horde, enforce that dicipline. In the Horde we are all equal. No matter if you are a newbie or an expierienced fighter you are no better than the other. We plan on making new allies and becoming the strongest clan of them all. Join us and you too will be able share that glory, of being in THE HORDE.

The Order of the Black Rose

We have just started... Our clan is dedicated to the enjoyment of life and self expression. We are a collection of poets, lost souls, and any one who wants to be a part of us. No hackers will be allowed in this clan. Princess burningrose maintains is the clan leader and maintains the website for the members. Any questions just E-mail burningrose

Go to The Order of the Black Rose Page for further information.


Clan Rock isneutral, in that we aren't about starting problems with anyone. We support individuals who wish to play the game and grow on their own. Their are plenty of great weapons out there if you look, and if you learn the tricks you can easily grow in strenth and wealth. We share this information with anyone.

We are all fairly generous, but we don't promise anything to anyone who joins. Usually when someone petitions because they need stuff we will quest and send them the best items (we pull down a lot of good armour and weaponry) but we don't go through great effort to do this. You could say the we live hand to mouth.

We support growth in rank (of course) and also want our members to grow in skill. To meet these needs I have started clan competitions that are a week long and force participants to prove their skill without hacking and puts them in unusual circumstances.

Shinra, Inc.

Shinra, Inc. started as a humble, simple company. It is now a powerful Corporation that seeks to try and help those who are new to the realm of DC, and to employ those who are either down on their luck, or seeking a stable work enviroment. We here at Shinra, Inc. try to help those who are new to DC and have questions, or in training them to be proud members of SOLDIER and the Turks. The staff of Shinra Inc. is always friendly and there for you. Trust in Shinra, Inc. they are the future....


Clan Talon, one of the first and oldest clans in Dragon's Court. A matriarchal Clan, the female members hold the males under their stilleto boot heel.

Led by the powerful Amazon Princess Rally. Clan Talon serves as a vanguard for peace and justice. It has become a well known and honorable part of Dragon Court. The Clan is founded on the fundamental virtues of a knight; Honor, Justice, Valor, Bravery, Compassion, and above all others, Truth. These are our most sacred beliefs.

Our mission is to defend those who are unable to defend. We fight for the causes of good and honor with an iron fist. We strive to unite the forces of good to wipe out those of evil and destruction, and with the help of our allies any of this is possible.

Because of their superior training in the Art's of War, members of Clan Talon have a special Sturdy ability which gives them enhanced defence against attacks.

Clan Ability : Sturdy - +10% Defense

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E-mail Rally leader of Clan Talon

Thoemda Tourists

If you are looking for a wonderful holiday in Dragon Court country, we can provide it! We are happy to have you as our member to our exclusive holiday club. Enjoy the many benefits a Thoemda Tourists clan member can have; do not spend your money on items, but use your Tourists Vouchers, listen to the many adventures of your fellow members and tell your own, and enjoy the many special events that are organised exclusively for our members. All this and more is yours to have at the Thoemda Tourists Clan.

Go to the Thoemda Tourists Homepage


Titan is a Clan established by Menttal during the september of 98. Since then it has flourished, going to number one on the Clan List and becoming the first ever Clan to get three abilities. Since the founding Titan has adheared strictly to its principles of not accpeting cheaters into its midst. Also, as the Clan has grown so has its webpage and leadership system, both of which can be seen on, the Titan webpage. Titan also offers help to any Clansmen who needs it.


Clan Ability : HillFolk - no need for rope in the Hills, Mines


Ulfserk, born of the four Ulfserk brothers disdain for other clans. They follow the path of the 'Wolf'. Cunning, feirce and loyal to the pack.

Whilst great emphasis is placed on the right to lead this mighty clan, it is also believed that nurturing the young of the clan is the duty of all who join its ranks.

Howling at the moon is also a prerequisite and pissing on trees is thoroughly approved of !

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Want to be added to the list, E-mail me your clan information. All Clans are Welcome.