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Dark Angel

Birth Name: Erath of the skies

Nickname(s): Dark Angel, AvatarX

Name of guild and clan(if applicable): Wizards guild, Hell Knights (currently)

Title(s) Held:

Date of Birth: 273 sun cycles

Class: Mercenary of death (Warrior with some death magic and hell channeling abilities)

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Race or Species: One of the handful of surviving Dark Angels

True Form: The Dark Angel

Other Form(s): Erath, my old mortal self(dead)

Eyes: Dark red

Hair: Short, well kept, black hair

Skin: Black

What do you look like: A tall angelic figure, but black instead of the usual white, with a slight aura of darkness. Has long, feathery wings extending from the shoulders, and is fairly strong.

Describe your attitude: I like to enjoy myself as much as possible, but not at the heavy expense of others.

Biggest Character Flaw: Stealing and cheating too much

Personal Quote: "Truth controls the wise, interest controls the fools"

Favorite Quote: "The first rule of magic is simple. Don't waste your time waving your hands and hoping when a rock or a club will do." --McCloctnik the Lucid

Parent(s): Sarah of Quintal and Erik of Demont

Sibling(s): Taria

Boyfriend/Girlfriend or Husband/Wife: None yet

Children: None

Guardians, Warders or Bodyguards: None

Best Friend(s): Too Many to list

Pet(s) and their names: Blake the gargoyle

Favorite Colour(s): Red on a black background, Blood red

Favorite Animal(s): Unicorns and Dragons, then werebeasts

Favorite Drink(s): Twisted Cyder, Penta-beer, and Dragons Blood wine

Favorite Weapon(s): Blinding giant mauls & Flaming swords

Favorite Belonging(s): Thief Insurance, my Giant Maul, and my Pentagram helmet

Favorite thing(s) to wear: A black helmet with a red pentagram on the forehead

Favorite Song(s): None, but I like most anything played on a reed flute or on a lute

Things you collect: Turnips, and anything magical (exept cursed stuff)

God(s) you worship: Satan, Apocolypse and his horsemen, especially death.

A Dream or Goal you have: To kill a dragon with only a Giant Maul and Full Plate

Hobbie(s): Drinking, and chatting

Favorite thing(s) to do: Chat, drink, kill

Something you're good at: Killing people! Want a free demonstration?

Favorite Body Part on/in you: Wings

Favorite Body Part on the opposite sex: (none)

Any tattoos, Where and of what: A pentagram on the small of his back

Any piercings, Where: None

Best place to mess around: Tavern (Silas Keepers Tavern)

What do you sleep in, and where do you sleep: I sleep in full battle dress, where ever I am.

Important lesson(s) you've learned: Never trust anything, magic can change all in the blink of an eye

Best Advice: He who interferes with the fates shall suffer. Prepare yourself well for it.

Words and Phrases you over use: (none)

Most Awesome experience of your life: Dying

Scariest thing you've ever done: Died

Funniest Experience: Being drunk

Stupidest thing you ever heard someone say: This will not hurt a bit (I don't give them the chance to test that)

History:My birth name was Erath of the skies. My father was Erik of Demont, and my mother was Sara of Quintal. My older sibling was Taria. I was taught to live the good life, and I always did. But I didn't do it because I enjoyed it, but to earn entrance into heaven.

After a long and prosperous life, my mortal form died. Because of my good life, I was allowed into heaven. But once I was their, I discovered still I could not indulge in the sins of the mortal world. After a hundred years of this, I finally gave up trying to live this life. After much consideration I decided to pact with Satan for my freedom. I signed a pact with Satan such that he would shield my thoughts and give me the strength of hell, in exchange for which I would serve him for 13 years.

For those 13 years I wrecked carnage across all the Earth, but I finally realized that this life of evil was also not for me. I left Satan and searched for a place to redeem myself. After much travel I finally found a small town called Salamander. I settled down and started to really ponder life. It took me many months to find an answer, but finally I did.