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Lady Evening

Name: Aleazer T'rith

Nickname: Lady Evening, Eve

Name of Clan: n/a

Title Held: Countess

Date of Birth: n/a

Class: Fighter, mage

Alignment: Chaotic neutral

Race or Species: Dark Elf, or Drow by perference

True Form: Drow

Other Form(s): n/a

Eyes: Green

Hair: Silver/black, worn long in a braid down the back

Skin: pale blue

What do you look like: a drow lol, an elf though with darker skin and complexion, slender, though lean, I am not often without armour of some sort, mostly black with a hooded cape ( not many can stand the sight of a drow).

Describe your attitude: Trigger happy, -grins- though if loyalty is gained it takes alot to lose. Honest, utterly....truthful.

Biggest Character Flaw: Clausterphobia

Personal Quotes: Reality is but a game

Parent(s): dead

Sibling(s): dead

Husband: ~kain~

Children: n/a

Guardians: Linx, a golden hawk befriended from a perlious quest

Close Friends: few and far between I must say. Darrian Leah, Kain, Pyrosis, Angel Knight, Lucifura, Greywulf, Rahien, Draon79 and last but not least Mael

Worst Enemie(s): -smiles- at this point in time I would have to say Baeltz

Pet(s) and their names: Kylain was, but he met a bitter end

Favorite Color(s): black and silver

Favorite Animal(s): irrelevent

Favorite Drink(s): blood ale, elven fruit wine

Favorite Food(s): Darrians chicken, when you can get him to cook

Favorite Weapon(s): long swords and of course daggers

Favorite Belonging(s): my flute

Favorite thing(s) to wear: armour, byrnie

Favorite Song(s): mostly love ballads

Things you collect: daggers

Goddesses you worship: none

A Dream or Goal you have: to find peace

Hobbie(s): knife throwing, drinking, travelling and of course sparring :)

Favorite thing(s) to do: watch the rising of the full moon, and begin a hunt with Linx

Something you're good at: theres something Im not? lol... fighting I suppose

Favorite Body parts on/in you: my hands, without them I am nothing

Favorite Body Part on the opposite sex: ears, I have this thing about nice ears

Any Tattoos or Birthmarks, Where and of what: a cresent moon tattoo on my left temple

Any piercings, Where: none

Deities you worship: None

Best place to hang out: the tavern of course, though the temple is nice when not in use

What do you sleep in, and where do you sleep: I have made a point of not saying that...

Important lesson(s) you've learned: one can only find what matters in themselves, and death comes when you begin to look at other for things you need

Best Advice: know thyself

Words and Phrases you over use: laughing, I do too much of that lately, -grins- though I know a few ppl who would think it's "did I win?"

Most Awesome experience of your life: my death, and return thanks to Pyrosis

Scariest thing you've ever done: fight my clan leader.

Stupidest thing you ever heard someone say: good evening Evening, it's old ppl move on

Funniest Experience: watching Greywulf walk around in a pink tutu

History: I am of the fifth house of Malakier. I was the high priestess of Lilth. My hands are forever stained with the blood that positions demands. Upon our rise to the fifth, my only sister then standing raised also to priestess. Now she saught mine position, Both loyal to our house we knew death was a heady cause, leaving us open to attack and weaken our political placing. I had a choice. Sacrifice her to Lilth in hopes my queens favor would be appeased. Or leave and destroy our house.. I sought my goddess in my turmoil, and found that truely evil she was. For as I prayed she refused to listen, answering instead my sisters please. My world collapsed, never had my queen turned from me. Never had I doubted my family and our ways. But doubted I did..and in such saw my kin's destruction. Three times three luck saved my life and stayed my sisters aim. My mother knew of our struggles and in my doubt I faultered. On the stroke of our time clock, The year 200 after my brith. I was to join my queen. A sacrifice to raise my house in power. I should have proud to be chosen as worthy to stand by her side... But like a coward I ran.. I killed, hell I slaughtered! Both brothers killed by mine own hand. Lilth has had her revenge! My kin and are not my own. My home? Now this cursed place of brightness! Yet I have walked your world for years uncounted and seen things for which my soul yearns.. Since such I have done naught but slowly lower the monster population in your court, and the lands there surrounding. I have left for travels, mostly in search of mine own kind. But as a race we rebel rarely and thus my search continues......