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Help for Dragon Court


"The things from the mound are configured for tiny goblin bodies. You can wear wizard robes as a bandana, but the wierd knife is unwieldable."
- This is a message Fred said about these items.

When you get an item most of the time it has to be identified. You can do this by going to the weapon shop and switching to the sell mode, selecting the item you want ID'ed then hiting the identify button (costs 40 marks). You can also use an identify scroll but that costs more to buy.

To mail an item to another character you need to go to the post office which is located in the castle.

Rudders are items which change where the docks can take you.

Time Crystals are a key which will take you to new area but currently isn't set up. Most players believe it will be for the dark vortex,

Bushido Tokens can be used with a samurai but only when you have less guilds than your current level.


The Forum is a great place to get your questions answered. Since there is no password system on the forum there are many fake messages.

If your have found a bug or are having a problem which can't be solved by clearing the cache of your browers please post it on the Dragon Lice forum.


With the new version of Dragon Court the price of ranks has increased. If you know the price of a new rank would you please e-mail me?

Mingling and bosting can also lower the price for a rank. If you just use a few quests a day it will help you advance in rank. Fame and/or charm may affect this a little but I am not sure.


Check the Dragon Court Abilities page for the latest clan ablities.

A Clans power is a total of all the different members ranks. Knight gives 1 power, Baron 2, Count 3, ect.

So far all clans really do is scribe stuff to each other, answer questions for each other, and if they have over 100 power they have a clan ablity.

Also check the forum to see what people are saying. Maybe if your cheap you want to join the clan offering the most money at the time.

To join an exisiting clan or start a new clan you must enter the clan hall located in the castle.


You get 29 quests plus three times your level in quests.

Quests return after 12 midnight Pasific Standard Time.


glow (<1k gold): lets your eq glow -> no torches in the mounds but the worms will eat it (if you don't remove them b4 u fight) and even if you get the item back afterwards it may be rusted...

bless (2k): +1 df and remove curse (only once per item)
luck (2.5k): +2 skill (once)
flame (10k): +4 at (once, only works on main weapon,i.e. right or both handed ones)
enchant (6k) : +1 skill (infinite amount of times)

sometimes you may waste your scrolls, so be prepared and don't whine...high wits helps to successfully cast the scrolls.


If you have enough mage guilds you can use these gems to do various things. Here is a list of what they do. If you know how many mage guilds are required for each one would you please e-mail me?

Quarts: requires 2 mage guilds, identifies an item.
Opal: requires 4 mage guilds, heal you 15 guts
Garnet: requires 6 mage guilds, cures you of blind, panic, and any illness
Emerald: requires 8 mage guilds, causes panic against your foes in combat
Ruby: requires 10 mage guilds, causes blind against your foes in combat
Turquoise: requires 12 mage guilds, Uses a blast attack when used in combat


Guts is your life.
you may increase your guts by:
wining a battle, fighter guild skill

Wits helps when using scrolls and solving riddles.
you may increase your wits by:
discovering places, successful running, playing dices at the court, helping poor boogers and using the magery skill

high charm lets you sell for better prices, trading, bribing, mingling, and dicing.
you may increase your charm by:
feeding, bribing, mingling and boasting at the court and using the trader skill

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