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Jecieyn Picture

Name: Jecieyn of Liynendel

Nickname(s): Jeci; she answers to "Jec" only if it's LadyDragonEyes calling; LDE has a Special Jecieynic Dispensation!

Name of guild and clan (if applicable):All the guilds. Clan: Danger, Inc.

Title(s) Held: The Sea-Eyed; Truth Maker; Dancer, Princess of Liynendel

Date of Birth: The Third Day of Windmoon, Greentime in the Year of Five Comets

Class: Journeywoman

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Race or Species: Elven

True Form: Elven

Other Form(s): Still elven!

Eyes: Green

Hair: Blond

Skin: Fair

What do you look like: Jecieyn is a young elf, five feet tall, slender and lithe. Narrow hips, built like a ballet dancer, only petite. She has aheart-shaped face with pointed elven features: pointed chin, high cheekbones, pointed little nose, arched eyebrows. Small hands and feet. Her hair is golden blond and very thick, but not curly. It's cut short on the left side and worn long on the right. She usually braids the right side.

Her eyes are Caribbean green and lovely. She could probably charm a mauve dragon with her eyes.

She is not stunningly beautiful, except for her eyes. She is very pretty, but very elven. She is *not* your average chainmail-bikini-clad, eyeshadow-wearing, magazine-cover curvy blonde woman who happens to have pointed ears. She is Truly Elven. That's important. She looks racially different from human women, and being Liynendei, rather different from other elves. Lighter.

Her resting expression (that's a Jecieynic term for the expressions people have when just at rest, not openly showing any emotion--look in the mirror to see yours) is open and friendly and bright. The darkest look she ever gets is troubled or anxious.

She is quick on her feet, dancing and darting as opposed to walking.

Describe your attitude: She is generally merry and joyous. She is very inexperienced; naive.

Biggest Character Flaw: Tends to wrap her heart around people, places and things far too much.

Personal Quotes: "Face the music and dance"; "Live to dance another day"; "Journey on!"

Parent(s): Jeci's mother is Kiilera the Wind-Eyed; her father is Darion.

Sibling(s): She has an older fraternal twin sister named Jeceiyn (Jece) and a younger sister named Kiyra.

Chosen one: Jecieyn reports that she has been in love or attached four times--one fun, one intense, one intriguing and the last eternal: two elves, a merman and a human

Children: None

Guardians: Jeci is watched over by an amazing number of deities and beings, most of whom she knows nothing about; the Goddess Fate appears to her now and then as a smiling crone

Close Friends (in alphabetical order): Every stranger is a friend-in-training; every enemy a friend misunderstood

Worst Enemie (s): The forces of darkness are ever after the light elves, especially after the Liynendei. Their greatest enemy is Lolth, the queen of the drow

Pet(s) and their names: Baby red dragon, Rorlys, now off on his own

Favorite Color(s): Forest green and silver gray

Favorite Animal(s): Unicorns

Favorite Drink(s): Mead

Favorite Food(s): Cloudberries

Favorite Weapon(s): Spirit katana

Favorite Belonging(s): Her Liynendei necklace, which is a silver elven-wrought chain of vines, from which hang four charms: a silver oak leaf, a tiny gold apple, a gold hazelnut, a gold acorn

Favorite thing(s) to wear: Tunic, leggings, cloak, crimson Rebel Hat, green suede boots (it's magical suede; it never rips, even on long journeys!)

Favorite Song(s): All the forest melodies, esp. "The Evensong," "Twilight Wind," "A Piece of Moon," and "Dawn Chooses for Us"

Things you collect: Talismans in her pouch:

1.) A dark gem shot with white
2.) A ruby marked with three linked golden triangles
3.) A silver dog whistle
4.) A black-opal ring
5.) A spiral seashell
6.) A pink coral bracelet
7.) A red passionbird feather

Goddesses you worship: The Goddess Fate

A Dream or Goal you have: To find her lost relatives; and then there is another endless dream she would never speak aloud

hobbie (s): Jeci *dances*!

Favorite thing(s) to do: Travel, befriend strangers, find magic, dance, dream, uncover truths, connect

Something you're good at: Getting shy people to talk to her

Favorite Body parts on/in you: Jeci likes her luminous eyes, her strong dancer's feet and legs, her merry and quick mouth

Favorite Body Part on the opposite sex: She looks into eyes and studies faces; she also likes to watch people move, see how they would dance

Any Tattoos or Birthmarks, Where and of what: None. The Liynendei like bare skin as the gods gave it

Any piercings, Where: Two holes in her left ear; she wears two stud earrings--stones the color of her eyes

Best place to hang out: Her own tree in Liynendel; anywhere the journeyers are; all over Salamander in any meeting place; at the River Forum there; the ballroom; a certain quiet kingdom in her mind

What do you sleep in, and where do you sleep: A very old hand-me-down shirt from her cousin Ril, too large for her. It hangs to her knees. It is white linen with billowy sleeves, a wide square collar and bardic-style laces up the front. At home in Liynendel, she sleeps in a hammock in her tree, which is like a banyan and also like a willow. The Liynendei word for it is "daeniya-vol."

Important lesson(s) you've learned: That we all make our own truths, and these truths are ever-unfolding; that the heart and mind are the strangest fairy kingdoms of all, and the journey into them a lifework

Best Advice: When you wonder, seek within

Words and Phrases you over use: "Jecieyn swings X around by the hands"

Most Awesome experience of your life: Three kisses....

Scariest thing you've ever done: Faced her own personal demon at the foot of a firethorn tree

Stupidest thing you ever heard someone say: "I'm leaving Dragon Court for good!" (And showing up again the very next day. Salamander casts a powerful spell over its denizens....)

Funniest Experience: Various transformations in the tavern; Jeci has been turned into a cow, a newt, etc.....

History: Jecieyn comes from Liynendel, a forest country far to the west of Salamander. Although it is mostly elven, other woodland beings live there--some humans, too. Liynendel is shining and open-minded and politically correct, a social democracy with elected regents. It is highly magical. No one can find it on maps. Outlanders can only find it if they are lost nearby on the way to somewhere else, and only if they can pronounce its name correctly once they have found its way-sign.

The Liynendei are powerful mages, talented healers, clever traders, skilled craftspeople. Not many are knights. Together with neighboring coastal Traiera, they have a navy for defense alone. They tend to magically divert ships away from their realms.

Family: Her uncle is Arieyn, Darion's identical twin. She hasn't seen her Uncle Arieyn or Jece since she was about two human years; her mother since she was a teenager. They are all in the mountains. She is very close to her cousins, the brothers Driav and Ril.

Abilities: Jecieyn is special in having once found the Exact Centre of Liynendel, which can be found only by fate, by a Liynendei. Those who discover this place are soaked in magic for all their lives--charmed. They cannot work magic, exactly--they rather *are* magic. In Jeci, this shows as a charm spell that acts as her protection. She barely knows how to use it--it just is part of her.

Otherwise, she has no particular abilities. She is a dancer and so is dexterous. She isn't strong, but has great stamina. She's healthy and heals quickly.