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Name: Kralizec

Nickname: Kral

Name of Clan: Atreides

Title Held: Leader of the Atreides

Date of Birth: Unknown

Race or Species: Human from the distant reaches of the known

Eyes: Total blue with no whites, comonly apear bloodshot with a darker blue.

Hair: Dark Blond

Apearance: An average human.

Worst Enemy: Himself

Best friends: Lady Dur'avin, Alannah, Lady Blade, Lil Bug, dudefish, Zodiac Killer.

Favourite Colour: Dark Blue

Favourite Animal: Sand Worms

Favourite Drink: Spice Wine

Favourite Weapons: Cryknife (a sacred Freman knife carved from the tooth of a sandworm), Kindjal (a simple blade comonly holding posion)

Favourite Belongings: A book of ancient rituals aquired from Leto Atreides II, a magical staff

Things you collect: Books on the Ancient arts

Deities you worship: The Messiah, Muad'Dib

Best place to hang out: A distant realm known as ICQ and Castle New Caladan

Important lesson learned: The faults of sure knowlege

Best Advice: "Without change something within sleeps. The Sleeper Must awaken!" - Duke Leto Atreides

Best experience: "Traveling" to another realm after a overdose on spice.

Scariest thing done: Faced the truth

History: Kralizec was found in abandoned at an early age by the great Leto II. Leto II instantly was able to see the magic potential of the young Kralizec. He was taken to New Caladan Castle to reside with the members of Clan Atreides. Durring his stay with the Atreides Kralizec learned to use his talents as a user of arcane ablities and a deadly skill with daggers and other short blades. After a few years Leto II anounced he found a way to return to the realm of Arrakis and would be returning. Many of the members of Atreides felt this would be there only chance to go home. As Kralizec had no other family than those of the Atreides he traveled to Arakkis along with them. After many years Kralizec returned to the realm of the Salamander Township and found the remains of The Castle of New Caladan. Kralizec began rebuilding the castle and put forth a effort to rebuild the great Clan of Atreides as it was known under the rule Leto II.