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Rather than put a ton of information on bands I like I figured I would mention a bit about them and links to more detailed sites on them.

Depeche Mode is the first band I really got into and still are probably my favorite. This band has been making good music longer than I have been alive. is the official site.

Stabbing Westward is one of my favorite bands. There music is mostly depressing and dark which often fits my life. I can simply relate to this music. Haunting Me is one of the best Stabbing Westward sites I know of.

Ashtar Command is a side project of Brian Liesegang who is a former NIN and Filter member. I started a site for this band located at Ashtar Command

Filter is a great band. I started listening to them several years ago. Last year I started a site for the band called Filter - Title of Page.

VAST is a small nearly unknown band but with a great sound. Their Music is just powerful. Vast: The First Site is a good source for information on this band.

Nine Inch Nails is a awesome band. This is one of the first bands of darker music I started listening to. This music is now one of my favorite types. Here is a unofficial site with good information.

There are many other bands I am interested in but have yet to add to this page.