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Name: Pyrosis

Nickname(s): Pyro

Name of guild and clan (if applicable): Evil Uprising

Title(s) Held: Master of Fire, Head Summoner

Date of Birth: Unknown

Class: Fire Mage, nearly a Fire Entity

Alignment: Evil

Race or Species: Elf

True Form: Humanoid

Other Form(s): Possibly fire beings

Eyes: Red

Hair: Red

Skin: Red

What do you look like: 6' tall 145lbs

Describe your attitude: Cool as ice yet hot as fire

Biggest Character Flaw: Sometimes too nice when he shouldn't be. Tendency to burn things and people.

Personal Quotes: "Those who live in fear do not live in freedom."

Parent(s): Deceased

Sibling(s): None

Wife: None

Children: None

Guardians: None

Close Friends: A handful that he chooses not to name

Worst Enemies: Water, ice, cold and anyone who uses them on him.

Pet(s): Various Fire Creatures he creates

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Animal:

Favorite Drink: None, he ignites alcohol inadvertently.

Favorite Food: ?

Favorite Weapon: His Magic

Favorite Belonging: His Flame Cloak

Favorite thing(s) to wear: His Flame Cloak

Favorite Song: Firestarter by Prodigy

Things you collect: Memories

Goddesses you worship: None

A Dream or Goal you have: To assist Evil in conquering and ruling DC.

Hobbies: Creating trinkets out of fire (jewelry, etc.)

Favorite thing(s) to do: Have a good conversation with intelligent people.

Something you're good at: Starting Fires

Favorite Body parts on/in you: My hands

Favorite Body Part on the opposite sex: Everything

Any Tattoos or Birthmarks, Where and of what: None

Any piercings, Where: None

Best place to hang out: The tavern

Important lesson(s) you've learned: Never underestimate any enemy.

Best Advice: Use your mind before your fists

Most Awesome experience of your life: Becoming Head Summoner of Evil Uprising

Scariest thing you've ever done: Fought with Alucard

History: Emerging from a mysterious background, Pyrosis enters Dragon Court in search of a purpose. He need a reason to live, a reason to exist. He needed something to do with his life. After wandering DC for many week, he eventually gets word of a leader of an evil revolution. His ideals and beliefs are the same as his and he goes out in search of this person. He eventually meets Electra, the Future Evil Overlordess of Evil Uprising. He speaks with her and is introduced to Sado Ishikawa, the Evil Overlord of Evil Uprising. After a few discussions with each other, Pyrosis was allowed to enter Evil Uprising. He assisted his Lord Sado in many tasks and was eventually given the position of Head Summoner and Master of Fire. He now whole heartedly assists Evil Uprising in their campaign against the forces of good in DC.

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