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Name: SillySnake

Nickname(s): SS, Silly, Snake

Name of guild and clan (if applicable): Revelers of Dawn

Title(s) Held: None (what a bum deal =( )

Date of Birth: Unknown

Class: Reptilian

Alignment: Stright

Race or Species: Snake

True Form: Snake

Other Form(s): Snake

Eyes: Green

Hair: None

Skin: Green, Except after the Pixie's get me (pink now)

What do you look like: A rather average looking green snake =)

Describe your attitude: Dont Punk on me, And I wont Punk on you =)

Biggest Character Flaw: No limbs.. Its hard to do things =(

Personal Quotes: Say what you mean, and mean what you say!

Parent(s): Unknown

Sibling(s): Unknown

Girlfriend: Lady Snake

Children: Noppers =(

Guardians: If I told you, they wouldn't be much good would they? ;-)

Close Friends: Lil Bug, Arafel, Lady Blade, Amberlee

Worst Enemie(s): None.. YET! ;-)

Pet(s) and their names: I am the pet =(

Favorite Color(s): Green

Favorite Animal(s): Snakes, the cute ones for sure! =)

Favorite Drink(s): None

Favorite Food(s): Rats and other rodents =)

Favorite Weapon(s): My venom ;-)

Favorite Belonging(s): My skin, Trying to keep it intact =)

Favorite thing(s) to wear: My skin =)

Favorite Song(s): None

Things you collect: Snake Scale Suits

Goddesses you worship: Lady Snake

A Dream or Goal you have: Rule the World!! Or at least Salamander ;-)

Hobbie(s): Catching small Rodents

Favorite thing(s) to do: Catch small Rodents =)

Something you're good at: Catching small Rodents

Favorite Body parts on/in you: Fangs, Gotta love the tail baby =)

Favorite Body Part on the opposite sex: Eyes, Tail

Any Tattoos or Birthmarks, Where and of what: None

Any piercings, Where: no way!

Deities you worship: God

Best place to hang out: Gotta love the Tavy!

What do you sleep in, and where do you sleep: My skin, my hole in the ground

Important lesson(s) you've learned: Don't bite dirty ankles.. They can infect you

Best Advice: Never take anything for granted, you dont realize what you have until its slipped between your fingers.

Words and Phrases you over use: To many smilie faces =)

Most Awesome experience of your life: Love

Scariest thing you've ever done: To many to list..

Stupidest thing you ever heard someone say: The guy that wrapped a cord around his neck commenting that his neck hurt

Funniest Experience: To many to list =)