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Update Log

3-23-01 more quotes added.

6-3-00 Finaly got off my butt and added even more quotes. Split the quotes into two seperate pages. Also did a few things on the Music page. Also added a new DC character bio.

3-12-00 More and More quotes added.

2-15-00 More quotes added.

1-25-00 More quotes added.

1-13-00 Some more quotes were added as well as a new character bio under dc stuff.

12-26-99 A small update was done to the Carpal Tunnel Information.

12-13-99 New bio added in DC stuff.

12-11-99 Quotes were updated.

12-7-99 Added a few new quotes and a new clan to the dc clan guide.

11-29-99 Added a ton of new quotes.

11-27-99 The Character Bios under Dragon Court stuff was updated.

11-19-99 Clan Guide under Dragon Court stuff was updated.

11-17-99 Added 5 new quotes and a link to my new Filter site.

11-14-99 Added two new quotes and a hit counter.

11-13-99 Added the Update Log so people wouldn't have to search the whole site to see if there was something new.